Lifeform Office Chairs

The Lifeform Office Chair is the most comfortable and adjustable chair we have ever sold.

 Office Chair Standard Features:

Schukra Lumbar Support

This system adjusts to any size, posture, or position by increasing or decreasing the amount of curvature in the lumbar area.

Memory Foam Arm Pads with Swivel

Function relieve pressure on the forearm and adjusts to suit any activity or task. Because the arms swivel in, you can get closer to your desk.

Life-Foam is in the Seat and Arm Pads

This is temperature and pressure sensitive memory foam that conforms to your body’s natural curves to reduce pressure and improve circulation.

Height and Width Adjustable Arms

This helps relieve shoulder stress and provide support for any height or width of user.

Back Angle Adjustment

This function allows the user to change the back angle while seated in the chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

We have in stock at all times different height pistons (also called a gas lift). This way we can make sure the chair goes high enough or low enough for the customer’s needs.

Different Back Options

We always have in stock a big variety of chairs some with small backs large backs you can even get a chair with a head rest, (all head rest come with memory foam)

Contour Seat Options

Seats come in many sizes so we can fit just about anyone.

Depth Adjustable Seat

Like a seat depth adjustment in your car. It slides easily and quickly to adapt to any size user.

Heavy Duty Knee Tilt Control Mechanism

This allows you to recline without lifting your feet and offers ease of movement and years of reliable comfort.  Basically you can turn the chair in to a rocker and it rocks like a rocking chair. Great for taking breaks and adding movement to your day.

Five Star Base

It is fiberglass reinforced for strength and stability. 65mm Dual Wheel Casters for smooth operation in any application.