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I got a LifeForm office chair and wonder how I went so long without such a great chair. All the adjustments make sitting at the computer comfortable for me with all of my back issues for the first time ever.

Lorienne from Boulder 

Driving my car has been agony, even for short distances. Now, though, I have a memory foam back rest and a seat wedge and I’m so comfortable in my car.

Phoebe from Niwot

Quality Very good   Appeal Very good   Service Excellent
Got a 2.5 hr education on ergonomics in addition to a (quite expensive) great quality chair. Went from headaches / pain every day to one bad day in the month I've owned the chair. Thanks Frank!

David Baker - reviewed 6 months ago

Overall Excellent
I have been to better back for years, and never had a bad experience. I bought several lumbar cushions as old ones wore out. The staff was always extremely patient and made sure I got exactly what I needed. I recently bought a desk chair there, and was very happy with the service. They made sure I got the right chair, delivered and set it up. I dfinitely recommend Better Back to all my friends.

A Google User - reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent
Chiropractor recommended this store to me. I needed a lumbar cushion and seat wedge for my car. They had a bunch to choose from and I was unsure what to get. The salesperson said that they have demos of all of the products, so you can take a few out to the car to see what would work best. Very helpful. I am very happy with the help I got and would highly recommend this store.

A Google User - reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent
Great service - I learned a lot about ergonomics from their sales staff. They let me try a couple chairs out and when they didn't work for me, the return process was simple.

A Google User - reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent
I learned so very much about ergonomics and was not pressured into buying anything. I was taught what to look for in my current setup at home (and take some measurements) so that I could then make sure that I was buying what was right for me. If you're like me and you like to make your back's life more comfortable; look no further--you've found your candy store! They have so many wonderful products for your back that will suit your every need.

A Google User - reviewed 2 years ago

I was so thankful that I found this store.  I have an SI joint injury (i.e. lower back / hip pain), and I have been to every furniture store I could find, trying to find any kind of chair I could sit on for any length of time other than an office chair.  I couldn't find anything that worked for me until I came here. I dealt with 4 different sales people here over a long period of time, and I felt they were all very knowledgeable and helpful (yes, I do agree that one of them is very "enthusiastic" in a way that could be perceived as pushy, but at least he knows what the heck he's talking about).  Much of their furniture is not cheap, although I think they do have some less expensive options that just didn't work for my case. After going to about 20 furniture stores, trying different options, and taking them all back, I would have given a king's ransom to find a chair that worked for me - and I found it at this store, FINALLY. The furniture will hopefully be worth the price, though, as it offers an excellent warranty and should last for a very long time. Part of the appeal of the store too is the loaner cushions they offer to help with your problem.  They have 40-some of them for different types of problems, and you can borrow every single one of them to try them and see if it helps you - and I think I did try almost all of them.  I took home many of them at a time, and they let me keep them for about a week since I live so far away. They are very accommodating and generous in this policy. I found a chair here that was fairly comfortable; and then augmented it with a support cushion that hit me just right. You get two full weeks in which you can take the chair back if you don't like it (but I didn't need to do that). I feel like this store can be very helpful for those of us who have back issues and are in pain. Perhaps it's not the cheapest, I don't know; but it certainly gives you a huge amount of things to choose from that could help with a back injury / problem. For me, it was definitely worth the money.

Amelia S.  5/5/2012


If you are looking for a self fix, this store is for you.  I particularly liked the staff as they knew a hard sale wasn't necessary (the products spoke for themselves!).  They only carry the best from customer feedback and they even let you borrow items, WOW!  It makes sense why many of the "pushy" stores are going under but they continue to serve Boulder and most likely will for years to come.

Ian H.  3/10/2009