Ergonomic Assessments

The Better Back Store offers Ergonomic Assessments by certified specialists.

Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist will come to your business and do full ergonomic assessments of your seated workers. We evaluate an employee’s workstation (chair, desk, computer, etc) and their use of it using OSHA checklists and other ergonomic data to determine their risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. We adjust their equipment as needed/possible and make on-the-spot ergonomic recommendations.

A written report (see a sample report) with video is provided within one week of the assessment. The report contains specific recommendations for minimizing the risk musculoskeletal disorders. If more than one assessment is done, a summary report (see a sample summary report) is provided to rank employees by risk.

Our Boulder County rates are:

$90 each, 1-2 assessments
$75 each, 3-5 assessments
$60 each, 6-9 assessments
$50 each, 10+ assessments

Please call us for pricing and to arrange for Ergonomic Assessments for your business.