Hot / Cold Therapy wraps

Hot / Cold Therapy wraps


For Injury Prevention and Recovery.  These Hot and Cold wraps are a Customer Favorite!   Wrap your shoulder, Full back area, Knee, Thigh, or Shin. 

   Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps are used for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain,  swelling, and strains, stiffness and muscle spasms.  Used by Physicians, Trainers, and World Class Athletes!

     1.  A great alternative to ice cubes, bandages, and hot water bottles. 

     2.  Up to 35 minutes of continual hot and cold therapy.

     3.  Reduces pain, stimulates circulation and expedites healing.

     4.  Microwave or freeze,  Adjustable contoured fit, Re-usable and non-toxic, machine washable, breathable sleeve, and flexible when frozen. 

This product comes with an Anti-bacterial Fiber!

BACK IN STOCK-- Get them while they're HOT/ COLD!

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