Lifeform Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Back( INTENSIVE SITTING OFFICE CHAIRS )

Lifeform Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Back( INTENSIVE SITTING OFFICE CHAIRS )


These office chairs are Highly adjustable, TRUE ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIRS- with Orthopedic design, having memory foam in the seat and arms pads.  

Lifeform Office chairs are the Highest in Quality, feel, and appearance on the Market because:

   1.  Highest Adjustability- if you are hurt or injured, having the option to adjust( at any time) the position of the Seat, Arms, Back( height/ angle ), and Lumbar Support is the ( KEY ) to reducing or reversing back pain.

   2.  Custom fit- to you and Your Desk- Our certified office ergonomic Specialist will come to your house/ office to set up the Lifeform Chair( initially ), teach you all of the adjustments available- for your new chair, and fit it to your own desk.  ( We also have Easy-to-follow video instructions available right on our Website) to show you the How-To step by step.


---Special order one in Your favorite color Leather or Fabric( to match your existing furniture).

---Or, Buy one right of our floor, today!  Try it, Like it, Take it home, Today.

*** Reasons you may consider purchasing a LIFEFORM OFFICE CHAIR:

   A.  You sit more than 5 hours a day in an office environment.  OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has rated office chairs as less than 5 hours of intensive sitting( TASK CHAIR ) and More than 5 hours of intensive sitting( Ergonomic Intensive sitting chairs). 

   B.  Accumulative Trauma (may occur) over a long period of time- from poor sitting habits.  Ergonomic Office chairs encourage/ enable you to sit more efficiently, for longer.

   C.  Get a free Office Ergonomics class while you are here.  Consciously sit- we discuss how to sit and avoid accumulative trauma- due to poor sitting. 

We are open Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm.  Come in this afternoon and try it, like it, take it home!