Perfect Chair 610 - (Tall, Electric)

Perfect Chair 610 - (Tall, Electric)

Human Touch

The Perfect Chair has been inspired by NASA during the SkyLab program. The recliner places the body in a virtually weightless position. In this physician-recommended posture, the spine, hip, and knee joints are on or close to the balanced midpoint of the muscles. This results in natural relaxation and minimum muscle tension. The Perfect Chair gives your neck and back a much-needed breather and allows the body to restore its natural balance. Available with three choices of wood base color and five choices of Leather color. Chair adjusts manually by shifting your weight.

Advantages for purchasing a Zero Gravity Recliner:

     1.  Pain relief now-  If you suffer from chronic pain in the lower back, this reclined position ( similar to astronauts sleeping in space) removes weight ( gravity ) on your low-back allowing you to achieve sleep. 

     2.  Achieve a position in which the knees are above the heart- all using the dual-motors toggle switch.

     3.  Custom order the color of premium leather to match existing furniture.

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